Don’t Get Caught Sleepin’ – Malachi Navi Wahy Presents:  Conscience + Ego By XXXIX Empire is out!

The surreal & stunning sounds of musical multi-talent Malachi Navi Wahy are created to be an audio voyage to the mind’s eye.  Explorative, imaginative, immaculately colorful – the versatile art + music created for his epic thirty-nine track double-album Malachi Navi Wahy Presents:  Conscience + Ego By XXXIX roams through vibrantly fresh new ideas in two entirely different personas, vibes, & styles.  As The Sun King and Jimmy Carter on each half of the new record set, both identities bring out something wild.

The experimental vocal record Sun King Eternal Peace by The Sun King offers a complete alternative to everything out there in the mainstream in all the right ways.  Incorporating Soul, R&B, Funk, Choir, and the fearless confidence it takes to follow dreams & ideas to their full potential as they turn into music – The Sun King boldly shifts sounds, vocal rhythms, & melodies into memorably unique moments in time.  Written with insightful minimalism inspiring the music, the songs on Sun King Eternal Peace are often designed to feature the adventurous & enigmatic sounds of The Sun King’s powerfully soulful vocals.  Stylistically singing a cappella, the captivating charisma in the vocals fuels the heartfelt emotion and gripping sincerity; the fate of each song resting on The Sun King’s shoulders, he rises to the occasion.  From the harmonies to the percussion, lead-vocals to production, the attention to detail is second to none; exploring psychedelic tendencies, spirited humor, layers of thought-provoking lyricism, and an approach to sound unlike any other – Sun King Eternal Peace delivers on the true audio experience.

And just when you thought you had a grip on your reality, Malachi Navi Wahy flips the script on ya.

Diving deep into Lo-Fi Rap & diverse Hip-Hop vibes, Jimmy Carter takes over for the second-half of Malachi Navi Wahy Presents:  Conscience + Ego By XXXIX with a whole new dimension to add through his own perspective on Jimmy.  With verbal swagger & style for miles, Carter spits hot bars from the lefts to the rights, holding nothing back and letting his unfiltered thoughts skillfully spill into the m-i-c.  With deadly beats that have this emcee bringing the art of the wordsmith straight back into the spotlight, the hooks on Jimmy come directly from the tone of his voice and the impressively endless strings of lyrics & rhymes designed to leave you speechless while you listen from cut to cut.  Flexing verbal muscle and equally lit doses of humor & smarts, this artist ain’t afraid to go wild’n right out in search of creating authentic entertainment that makes an impact or leaves permanent scars upon those who listen.  Turning his angst into audio gold, Jimmy Carter brings serious attitude to the mic you won’t soon forget.

39 Tracks – 2 Albums – 96 Minutes – Malachi Navi Wahy Presents:  Conscience + Ego By XXXIX is a complete master-class on how to commit to the wildest ideas and make them undeniably addictive.  With two entirely different personas bringing their A-game to this one epic record, each half of this double album puts genuine character at the forefront with the verbal fortitude to make the experience as real & raw as it gets.  Guaranteed to have something for everyone from the humor to the straight-up, the self-produced/self-recorded effort made by Malachi on his new record is endlessly innovative and tremendously skilled; it’s an album that’ll get the people talking just as much as it’ll get them listening.  Through an endless supply of imagination & sound from two dimensions of a single visionary artist, Malachi Navi Wahy Presents:  Conscience + Ego By XXXIX is the record that’ll make 2018 memorable.

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Written by Jer for Sleeping Bag Studios