Today is:

XXXIX Calendar - Cycle 32.Day 8| P.F.R.

Gregorian Calendar - 10.14.2018

Today's Focus: Forgiveness

Today's Avoidance: Grudge

Malachi Navi Wahy

February 8th 2018

Soul Controller of the XXXIX Empire


My name is Malachi Navi Wahy. I am the mind + soul evolution of Maxwell Page Fairchild, in turn, making me the Soul Controller of the XXXIX Empire.

Malachi - Name of the final Minor Prophet in the Hebrew Bible/the 39th book of the Protestant Bible/final book of the Old Testement.

Navi - referring to a prophet in the Hebrew Bible. 

Wahy - arabic word for "Revelation". 

Prophet, Revolutionary Writer + Musician, Genius, Philosopher, Scholar, King Creative, Mathematician, Master.

I evolved from Maxwell, an insecure narcissist, to a Peaceful, wise, master of prowess + peace.

Striving to be humble, righteous + virtuous.

Following the order of The Creator of The Universe.

Master: Rapper, Stage Performer, Singer, Producer, Writer + Entertainer.

Entrepreneur + Philanthropist.

Awake, Relentless, Fearless, Punctual, Powerful + Classy.

Ruling the XXXIX Empire within: Mathematics, Balance + Peace.

Standardized through Nature + Time connected with Truth, Response Ability + Action on Ideas divinely placed by conscience + ego.

Continuing from the 12+ Recorded Writings of Maxwell Page Fairchild. 


Maxwell Page Fairchild 

October 3rd 1993 - February 7th 2018

Creator of the XXXIX Empire


My Name is Maxwell Page Fairchild and I am the creator of The XXXIX Empire. 


The Fairchild last name originates from England. In 1639 (not kidding) The Fairchild family from Essex, England immigrated to Connecticut. 

Fast forward to 1955 in Paducah, Kentucky; my father Matthew Fairchild was born to Gene and Donna Fairchild, their fourth and final child + their third son.

Two years and 5 Months later, in Aibonito, Puerto Rico, my mother, Maria Rodriguez was born to Carlos and Ana Rodriguez; their first child and first daughter. 

My parents met at Marble Collegian Church in New York City. They married May 25th, 1990 and gave birth to me October 3rd, 1993 in Los Angeles, California. 

I grew up in West Los Angeles, CA; The neighborhoods I was raised in were quaint and innocent, even when surrounding neighborhoods in Los Angeles County were the opposite. 

Up until Middle School my childhood was pure. My family ran into housing issues early on. There was a time we lived in other peoples houses but my spirit always held strong against the grips of struggles and obstacles. 

I started to write raps in 4th grade, making little songs with my friend. In Seventh grade I got into writing poetry, however my poems were more or less subtle raps. Regardless, this is when my writing picked up and became habitual. 

Middle and High School was tough. Between mental issues like depression and suicidal thoughts, to physical issues such as weight problems, to social issues constantly revolving around me such as witnessing gang culture, Minor/Adult drug and alcohol abuse, to many of my friends living in a single parent home--living in Los Angeles really prepared me for adulthood by teaching me to appreciate the important things in life: Family, Love for myself and others and especially, pursing what makes me happy. 

Making Music is that happiness. So during my Senior year of High School, I applied to ONE College. That College was Five Towns College; an art school in the middle of nowhere, Long Island, NY. I was accepted and attended for two semesters. 

College taught me even more about adulthood. Things like not being so naive to other peoples motives and agendas; staying true to myself and going forward in the name of positive living, respecting myself and my Art in which I truly love, etc..

Now I am 24. College Dropout, living in New Jersey, working on Fifth Avenue in the heart of New York City. An ambitious , start-up Entrepreneur, who is ready to take my art and ideas to incredible heights. Learning, living and loving everyday of my life.

The Empire

The XXXIX Empire is primarily based around my three personalities in which I write, perform, record, produce and create music.

The Sun King

The Sun King is the first personality, highlighting my skill as a Singer and Percussionist.

The Sun King represents all the positive aspects of me as a human being as well as my feminine side. I adopted the name as a nickname in High School after the song entitled "Sun King" from The Beatles album Abby Road

My love for singing was always alive as a young boy growing up around my Father, who is also a vocalist and musician. In High School, I spent all four years in the Choir, learning how to properly sing and read music. This transformed this character in ways I never imagined possible. 

Under The Sun King, the style of music I create is called: Psychedelic R&B, Experimental Chorale Music, Alternative Acoustic / a cappella. My love for Psychedelic Rock and R&B is fused together in the name of The Sun King's pieces; the Classical/Chorale sound and arrangement style is also shown in Sun King's compositions, but with an experimental touch. My acoustic and a cappella pieces are also very untried, hence the "Alternative" adjective. 

Overall, The Sun King is a persona in which I fully manifest my purist state. Covered with crooked frames and a Crown of Trees, The Sun King is here to spread peace, love and happiness among a world blinded by fear and deception. 

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter is the second personality, highlighting my skill as a Rapper and Humorist. 

Jimmy Carter represents all the negative aspects of me as a human being as well as my masculine side. I got the name also as a High School nickname after the 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter. 

My love for making people laugh was always present, but never will I call my self a Comedian. At first I didn't know what to do with this persona, skill wise. But after realizing a switch in content as a rapper from more "gritty, hardcore" topics to more conscious and thought provoking lyrics, I decided to use Jimmy Carter as the "Catalyst for my Dark Side" when it came to more less-positive content, lyrically. 

Under Jimmy Carter, the style of music I create is called: Lo-Fi Underground Gold Tooth Rap. Lo-Fi usually pertains to the quality in which I record or produce Jimmy Carter's vocals. Underground, refers to the type of Hip Hop JC's content might categorize with, primarily. Gold Tooth Rap is a satirical reference to the raps which are manifested under this character, always with a Gold Tooth. 

Overall, Jimmy Carter is a personality in which I embrace my ego (dark side). The voice in my head telling me negative things, going for the worst case scenario and speaking ill of other people is always Jimmy Carter. The balance is key to understand the full self. Therefore, Jimmy is ready to outdo the Evil in this world and portray a realistic equilibrium in understanding ourselves as humans. 

Maxx 39

Maxx 39 is my Third and final personality, highlighting my skill as a Rapper and Poet. 

Maxx 39 represents the combination of the positive and negative aspects of me as a human being. The name came in 10th Grade, when my friend told me that I have to create a rap name and that I can't just be "Maxx". 39 came from my two favorite numbers, 3 & 9, combined. The name stuck and constitued my ideology later on in life.   

As I state in my bio, rapping and writing raps started at an early age. I remember the first raps I wrote were as a fourth grader. Since then, there has not been a year I have not written a rap. I still have so many "Rhyme Books" ranging from small to large books, dated from at least the beginning of High School, maybe Middle School. Poetry was an extension of raps which became something I was doing in school in 7th Grade. The separation of my poetry and raps are a little more distinct as a mature adult but were far from distinct when I started poetry.  

Under Maxx 39, the style of music I create is called: Hardcore Psychedelic Boom Bap. Hardcore refers to the intensity in which I rap; it may also be applicable due to the content of my lyrics. Psychedelic is once again an ode to my love for Psychedelic Rock, however in this instance, it relates to the type of feeling I'm going for, having to do with the sonic reaction as well as the production. Boom Bap is a term that defines the "Old School" rap sound. Basically, anything that revolves around a classic break beat. This finishes off the custom genre due to the fact that I usually like to rap over the Boom Bap type of drum sounds, although I do enjoy rapping over any type of drum patterns and sounds, but the Boom Bap sounds was my primary love when it came to learning about Hip Hop and rapping.  

Overall, Maxx 39 is my truest self. It was the first persona I created and the first skill set I mastered, but it is chronologically the Third because it completes the cipher and finalizes the balance of self. Be it that The Sun King represents the light or positivity and Jimmy Carter represents the dark or negativity, Maxx 39 represents both equally; determining the yin and yang so to speak. 

Code of Conduct & Antithesis 

Below you will find my Code of Conduct to my life as well as the Antithesis of my life. Both list contain 39 attributes. My COC holds the positive attributes, as the Antithesis hold just that of what I manifest in life.

Code of Conduct

1. Peace

2. Love

3. Happiness

4. Loyalty

5. Friendship

6. Courtship

7. Protection

8. Guidance

9. Purity

10. Trust

11. Forgiveness

12. Patience

13. Righteousness

14. Humbleness

15. Understanding

16. Wisdom

17. Rhythm

18. Effort

19. Grace

20. Poise

21. Remembrance

22. Truth

23. Knowledge

24. Curiosity

25. Equality

26. Strength

27. Balance

28. Movement

29. Gratefulness 

30. Steadiness

31. Consistency

32. Accuracy

33. Prowess

34. Appreciation

35. Relentlessness

36. Respect

37. Foundation

38. Basis

39. Conscience



1. Disturbance

2. Hate

3. Sadness

4. Betrayal

5. Loneliness

6. Divorce

7. Insecurity

8. Loss

9. Filth

10. Doubt

11. Grudge

12. Idleness

13. Dishonor

14. Pride

15. Selfishness

16. Foolishness

17. Inconsistency

18. Soundlessness

19. Crudeness

20. Imbalance

21. Ignorance

22. Lying

23. Clumsiness

24. Disinterest

25. Unfairness

26. Weakness

27. Non-composure

28. Stagnation

29. Helplessness

30. Instability

31. Lateness

32. Inaccuracy

33. Cowardice

34. Greed

35. Spite

36. Disrespect

37. Fear

38. Blindness

39. Ego

The Logo

The Empire Logo design has a simple description. The Silver straight line represents The Sun King. The Sun King represents the light, therefore takes on colors such as silver, white, grey etc. A straight line has 180 Degrees. 180 broken down mathematically is 9. 

The Gold Circle represents Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter represents the dark, therefore takes on colors such as gold to highlight lust, temptation and greed. A circle has 360 Degrees, when broken down mathematically, comes out to 9.

The Black Triangle represents Maxx 39. Maxx 39 represents the balance of good and evil therefore taking on the color black to stabilize the Silver and Gold. A triangle has 180 Degrees and as previously stated, breaks down to 9 mathematically. 

Thus you have the three personalities, respectively represented by their colors and shapes. Each shape has a broken down degree of 9, making 3 9's.  

XXXIX Calendar

The XXXIX Calendar is a take on the Gregorian Calendar.

Basically, every 9 Days there is a Cycle. The numbers of days in the Cycle refer to the mathematical breakdown of the Day Number in the Gregorian Calendar.

For Example:

January 1 is Day 1 of the Year. Thus, translates to Cycle 1: Day 1.

February 8 is Day 39 of the Year. Thus, 3 + 9 = 12, 1 + 2 = 3. Translating to Day 3 of (in this case) Cycle 5. 

There are 40 Cycles in a 365 Day Year including 5 "Dead Days" before the New Year begins, 6 on a Leap Year. The idea is measuring time for 360 Days. 

P.F.R. is an acronym for: Post Fear Rule, defining the days of my life lived without fear.