17. Debut Album by Evolution is Religion 

Released to the Public Internet on December 31st Two Thousand & Eighteen 

Album Mastered by Ivan Чертов величайший

He Mixed the first track 

Track 1 & 3 & 6 feature Malachi Navi Wahy

On track one his name is Maxx 39 

On track three his name is Jimmy Carter (of the XXXIX Empire)

On Track One and Six his Name is The Sun King and he plays the Bongos on track one and drum kit on Track 6

Track 1-6 was produced by All of Evolution is religion 

Speedy Rodriguez (Professional Wrestler from Puerto Rico)

Ice Dragon (Three Headed Dragon Half from Jamaica Half from Trinidad & Tobago)

maxxxxxix {The Man with The Unpronounceable Name} (from Brixton, South London, England)

Dzau Zheng (Two Headed Dragon Half from China Half from Japan)

This Album was recorded in Samoa at the House of Fatu

Evolution is Religion has decided not to release the lyrics because of sacred traditions on the respective Islands of Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, England, Japan & Samoa

Thanks for everything Malachi 


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Music Videos with Susan at YouTube

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Evolution is Religion took turns mixing and producing this album based on chess games and cannabis rituals 

Bye now

This was written by Evolution is Religion manager Libre fafo atua Zhōnghuá Nippon - سلام

 Original Art by - zlivkun